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Today Programme – Frank Gardner condemns Bahrain Freedom Protestors

I was astonished to hear Frank Gardner (BBC Defence correspondent) simplistically divided the Bahraini into those who want a dialogue and those who were “extremists”. Frank Gardner said that the latter were “linked to folks who threw petrol bombs on the streets”. Gardner then went on to say that those who wanted dialogue were prepared to allow for ruling royal family to stay and that in any case though the Saudis would not allow any reform to happen in Bahrain as a response to pressure from street protests.

When the BBC is joining in any regime change programme there is usually loud howls about what the international community can do and this is usually framed in terms of armed intervention by the West. No such calls here! whereas the “rebels” in Syria are presented as heroic freedom fighters battling a repressive regime, the protesters in Bahrain whose protests have been much more conservative are classed as “facts” !

The double standards of the BBC and to their complete lack of impartiality could not be any clearer.


BBC in World at…

BBC in World at One today 6th January 2012:

Described the speech by President Assad of Syria as the ‘usual mixture of bluster, menace and defiance’

That is despite the fact that Assad was proposing a national dialogue and a referendum!

Alistair Burt

The leader of the ‘rebels’ was given a soft interview with no representation from the Syrian government.

Where is the impartiality in this ‘reporting’?

How the BBC is re-writing history in its reporting of Israel’s assault on Gaza

The history of these events is already being written from the point of view of the more powerful side of the conflict, and mainstream journalists are proving themselves complicit in this process.

The BBC tells Darcus Howe what he is allowed to say about the riots

The BBC prevents Darcus Howe from saying that Mark Duggan was murdered and then accuses him of being a rioter. Objectivity is thrown out the window.

BBC News blackout on Pro Assad demonstrations in Syria

Despite a long piece on Syria in ‘from our own correspondent’ today, the BBC fails to mention the pro-Assad demonstrations and generally gives the impression that all Syrians are anti-Assad and would welcome regime change from the skies (aka NATO bombing campaign).

The facts is we do not know who the ‘rebels’ are or what popular support they have. We do know that Syrians have marched in the capital, Damascus, to express support for President Bashar al-Assad and his reform program, Press TV reports.

Waving Syrian Flags and pictures of Assad, pro-government demonstrators converged in Saba’ Bahrat Square on Friday to show massive popular support for the Syrian president’s.

What do you think about the BBC’s coverage of UK foreign policy?

The BBC’s battle to get the hearts and minds of the U.K. population behind the unpopular war in Afghanistan continues.

Endless coverage of the quite small number of British soldiers (sadly) killed, and a running total of which we are continually reminded. The number of civilians killed, either by NATO/US forces, or by the Taliban or other ‘insurgents’ is rarely mentioned and certainly no running total is ever presented.

The voices of the Afghani people, or anti-war voices in the U.K. / the West are seldom heard but it does not seem that the BBC can ever give enough airtime to senior British military representatives.

As far as the BBC is concerned the only debate about Afganistan is whether the troops have enough helicopters so that they can mimimise their own casulaties.