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What do you think about the BBC’s coverage of UK foreign policy?

June 19, 2009

The BBC’s battle to get the hearts and minds of the U.K. population behind the unpopular war in Afghanistan continues.

Endless coverage of the quite small number of British soldiers (sadly) killed, and a running total of which we are continually reminded. The number of civilians killed, either by NATO/US forces, or by the Taliban or other ‘insurgents’ is rarely mentioned and certainly no running total is ever presented.

The voices of the Afghani people, or anti-war voices in the U.K. / the West are seldom heard but it does not seem that the BBC can ever give enough airtime to senior British military representatives.

As far as the BBC is concerned the only debate about Afganistan is whether the troops have enough helicopters so that they can mimimise their own casulaties.


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  1. ukresearch permalink

    A fantastic example of BBC pro-war bias, whether deliberate or unthinking. James Naughtie, on ‘Today’ (31st Aug. 2009) stated that the British population ‘respect and admire the actions of UK forces in Afgahnistan’. Actually the last poll conducted suggested that a majority of UK population want UK forces out of Afghanistan. Not sure what the people of Afghanistan think – I don’t suppose they got asked.

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